Saturday, September 09, 2006


It's all change over here in Katy's Wonderland.

I've just finished my temp contact at the council, and on the 18th I start my new real job, right here in town, with ordinary hours and everything.

It has a pension, health care, free Alta Rica coffee on tap, and free lunch in the restaurant!
My old job had none of these things.

I'm very excited.

The darling fiance has just disappeared in a taxi for the airport - he's off to a conference in Vermont for the week, while I sit here at home and pine.

Well, not exactly.

Lots to do today, before my cousin comes to stay tonight. There are plans for Red Dwarf dvds and Chicken Pad Thai. I do make damn good Pad Thai. And then I'll probably live on ready meals until Simon gets home.

Then I've got until Thursday to get the house / my life / everything in order. I'm up in Wales over the weekend, going to a personal shopper with my mum, and probably meeting with the florist again, I think.

And, of course, the writing.

I want to get Saving the Unicorns revised this month. And, potentially, sent out.

I've also accidentally started in on something new over the last week, which appears to be running faster than I can keep up with. I said I wanted 20k on it this month, and I'm at 14k now, so hopefully that should be achieveable too.

Oh, yeah. And I need to finish planning the wedding, as it is now less than two months away.

Right, must get dressed and go to the cash machine to get money to pay the nice man who's coming to clear out our gutters in about 45mins. It's a wild, wild life I'm living.


Bonnie Staring said...

Nice to see you back Katy, in a new blog template and everything! Congrats on the new job with oodles of benefits and in town. That's fabulous! And 14K on a new project? You're making me weep... green with envy too. Hopefully I can catch up with you when you're busy getting married. :)

KJ said...

If it makes you feel any better, this week's been a total bust!

I think I need to get into some kind of new rhythym, but it's hard when everything keeps changing...

Bonnie Staring said...

I think the five gazillion writers before us had something when they said the best way to get writing done is by doing it every day. What if we strive to dedicate a mere half hour for starters?

Each day. Every day. Half an hour. Whether on the computer or scraps of paper found in a handbag while waiting for the bus.

I'm game. Shall we try it out?

KJ said...

I know that I write best when I'm consistent - it's just hard to make yourself do it.

However, with back up / someone to nag you... I'm game.

Starting... NOW!

KJ said...

Jesus - that sounds terrifying!